General Grant- 1865 Blog- letter to Abe

Dear Abraham,
Sir, we have won the war. The battle of Richmond is won and done. This war has taken four years to battle. The tactics and strategy it took to win this war. I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the Union's General. The Confederacy never knew what hit them after Sherman’s March. I myself went through a year at Vicksburg, probably the worst time of my life. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thanks Abe.

General Grant- Flashcards- 37-47

General Grant- Blog #4

Dear Julia, To the love of my life, this battle of Vicksburg has been so difficult for me. It’s been nine months, the horrors i’ve seen for these civilians to survive is horrible. I don’t know how longer this may keep up. Lut. Gen. John Pemberton with the Confederates will more than definitely be surrendering very soon. There is no more rations, especially the SALT PORK! That’s way better than eating cold stew all day. I’ve seen some of my colleges eat rats. This battle isn’t a war, it’s survival for your life. But Julia, all of these reasons explain how much I miss you and how much I need you. Not to sound desperate or anything, but i really miss your homemade apple pie that your Grandma taught you to use. GOD! I just want some of that soft and crunchy crust with some cinnamon and sweet apples in the middle! I NEED YOU JULIA! Tell the kids I said hey. LOVE,
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General Grant(AKA Uriel)-Blog #3

February 6, 1862 Battle of Fort Henry, General Grant(Uriel)
WHOO! More than a year since I’ve been in the Civil War and a General! Today we were finally able to take down the Confederate army at Fort Henry. I divided two divisions, one february 4th and the other the next day. They stayed near the Tennessee river, which was North of Fort Sumter. Then…today we attacked, although it was raining at Fort, our heavy gunboats(ironclads) and our gorgeous shooting it went really well. Not only that but our Infantry had been practicing this drill all week. After a couple of hours, we went with our main attack. They never knew what hit them, but the pouring rain was making the river very uneven and was making the water rise. We could tell the Confederates were so surprised of our attack, before you knew it…Brig General Lloyd Tilghman surrendered. LOL! They surrendered before the actual Union Army got there. VICTORY TO THE UNION!Not to be cocky or anything, my job is going perfect. Abraham Lincoln i…

General Grant- Editorial on Slavery(1861 Slavery)

Would you like to be born as a child and be separated from your family? Well my fellow friends, this is Slavery. America at this moment is fighting itself to destroy slavery or retain this harrowing and sickening disaster. Our country is falling apart because of this outrageous and sinful act upon the weak. Why must they do this? I know why...they are ungrateful bastards that are too shiftless to do work with their own hands and feet. Now I understand you may have workers for you, but don't make them do hard labor and not even give them a damn cent. Since my lovely wife and I have been married, we have hated and hated the thought of slavery. So I decided to come out of retirement to finish this chaos once and for all. So many blockade’s and battery’s being used to prepare for the next attacks. Cartridge boxes are the most helpful to use for both the Confederacy and the Union, but the saddest thing we use is the Chloroform, so many deaths everyday. But for now all we must do is hav…

General Grant- Postcard to Wife(enlistment blog)

Dear Julia, My beautiful wife, I miss you so much. I just want to be right beside you and our four gorgeous children. It's so hard to live without you, this Civil war is a disaster. Way more different than the Mexican-American war. But in my honesty I enjoy this more than being a farmer and a clerk. I am truly fighting for my country and for this disgusting and horrifying Slavery. We are using artillery and the calvaries. But sadly so many casualties have been lost, and so many young kids are dead. This is not how it’s supposed to go down! I promise you honey, and everyone of the Union, this war will be in favor for the USA! Tell my family that I love them, please tell Jesse to try and understand the situation and that we are fighting for our freedom(The Union),I love you. We will succeed the Confederacy!

Ulysses Simpson Grant