General Grant- Editorial on Slavery(1861 Slavery)

Would you like to be born as a child and be separated from your family? Well my fellow friends, this is Slavery. America at this moment is fighting itself to destroy slavery or retain this harrowing and sickening disaster. Our country is falling apart because of this outrageous and sinful act upon the weak. Why must they do this? I know why...they are ungrateful bastards that are too shiftless to do work with their own hands and feet. Now I understand you may have workers for you, but don't make them do hard labor and not even give them a damn cent. Since my lovely wife and I have been married, we have hated and hated the thought of slavery. So I decided to come out of retirement to finish this chaos once and for all. So many blockade’s and battery’s being used to prepare for the next attacks. Cartridge boxes are the most helpful to use for both the Confederacy and the Union, but the saddest thing we use is the Chloroform, so many deaths everyday. But for now all we must do is have faith in Abraham Lincoln, he is a savior within and a hero for the people. I, General Lieutenant Grant, promise that I will end this war and it will be in favor of the Union. I will do whatever it takes to make slavery be abolished, even if it's the final thing I do in my life! For the United States of America! For the Union!


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