General Grant(AKA Uriel)-Blog #3

February 6, 1862
Battle of Fort Henry,
General Grant(Uriel)

WHOO! More than a year since I’ve been in the Civil War and a General! Today we were finally able to take down the Confederate army at Fort Henry. I divided two divisions, one february 4th and the other the next day. They stayed near the Tennessee river, which was North of Fort Sumter. Then…today we attacked, although it was raining at Fort, our heavy gunboats(ironclads) and our gorgeous shooting it went really well. Not only that but our Infantry had been practicing this drill all week. After a couple of hours, we went with our main attack. They never knew what hit them, but the pouring rain was making the river very uneven and was making the water rise. We could tell the Confederates were so surprised of our attack, before you knew it…Brig General Lloyd Tilghman surrendered. LOL! They surrendered before the actual Union Army got there. VICTORY TO THE UNION!Not to be cocky or anything, my job is going perfect. Abraham Lincoln is the actual best! It’s getting late, hopefully i will write some more tomorrow. Good night.


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